The foundation SUN AND HEALTH was born thanks to the collaboration of a group of professionals and Organisations concerned about the increase of solar radiation, especially the UVB radiation, on human health and alive beings in general. Their main goal is to promote a responsible attitude toward the sun. There is no need to avoid it or to deprive oneself from enjoyable sea bathes, hikes in high mountains or sports in the outside. Contrarily, the foundation is trying to introduce a series of habits, which allow to enjoy the benefits of the Sun avoiding its damage.

The name of the Foundation "SUN AND HEALTH" resumes his ideas in a single sentence: SUN, yes of course, but also HEALTH. To achieve that goal, it is necessary to be careful, and get used to following simple rules, which avoid undesired consequences.

We all know that the sun does not warm up as strongly in summer as in winter. Moreover, its effects are not the same during the whole summer, that is, in certain days the sunrays seem mild, while others its intensity makes us look for a shelter in the shadow. The reason of this difference is that the intensity of the UVB radiation, which is one of the components of the solar radiation, is not the same everyday. The atmosphere, the ozone in the atmosphere, and the aerosols reduce it in an uneven way. Therefore, its effects are sometimes higher.

The Foundation Sun and Health has been promoted by:

Dr. José Luis Casanova Roque.

Dr. Casanova is a full professor of Applied Physics at the University of Valladolid. His main professional field is Meteorology. He is also the Director of the Research Centre of Low Atmosphere, C.I.B.A. (Centro de Investigación de la Baja Atmósfera) and the Laboratory of Teledetention at the University of Valladolid, L.A.T.U.V. (Laboratorio de Teledetención de la Universidad de Valladolid). He is currently directing several projects of I+D. Among them they are the project of the Agency of Environment of Junta de Andalucía, the project of the General Direction of Environmental Policy belonging to M.I.M.A., mand other companies. Together with this, he is developing a series of research programs sponsored by Junta de Castilla y León, the Commission of Science and Technology, and the European Union. He has tutored a dozen of doctoral dissertation. He has also written more than hundred papers related to his field. Moreover, he has attended a great number of national and international Congresses as lecturer.

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