To avoid problems due to an excessive UV radiation exposure, there are general measures to always keep in mind, and specific measures depending on the UV index every day.

General recommendations:

Specific recommendations:

The specific recommendations depend on the UV index of the current day but also on the skin type of each person. Needless to say that the measures that should be taken depending on the UV index are different from a white skin person and a brown one.

Any person may find out easily the approximate grade of sensibility to UVR (type of skin) based on the natural colour of the skin and the tendency either to burn and hardly tan or to get a fast and intense tan. The natural colour of the skin must be checked in zones, which are not usually exposed to the sun, such as the internal area of the arm or the thigh. There are four types of skin:

Types of skin


Non exposed white skin, which has a ligneous tone. When it is exposed to the sun, it always burns easily. Afterwards, it always peels off. It can never tan or it does it slowly and slightly.


Non exposed white skin or slightly brown tone. It may burn easily and peel off, if it is exposed intensely. It may gradually get a tan with a slight or medium brown tone.


Non exposed brown skin, more or less intense but easily visible. It rarely burns. It tans easily with an intense tone.


Non exposed skin of an intense brown or black. It never burns. It tans in a fast and intense way.

Once one knows his or her skin type, adequate protection measures must be taken according to each person's type of skin, and the intensity of the UV radiation that particular day (UV index). The following measures may be helpful to decide what precautions should be taken or to find out how long the sun exposure can cause reddening on most people with that type of skin:

Children and adults with skin type I or II
UV INDEX Measures to take
Adults with skin type III or IV
UV Index Measures to take

In the former chart there are icons which represents different measures that must be taken depending on the UV index. The meaning of those icons is the following:

This icon shows the type of clothing one must wear. (T-shirt, sunglasses, and hat).
This icon shows how many minutes the sun needs to start producing reddening on our skin.
This icon shows the type of sun block, which must be used. (None if this does not appear).
This icon appears when we have to go under cover (depending on the age).

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